Revitalising the Maryborough CBD through Art


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What a great idea for the Community and Tourists

We stumbled upon our first murals by accident when exploring the town - later we made a point of trying to find them all using an online guide. Some are a bit harder to locate than others (set back off the road, within carparks or on side walls) and there was at least one we never did find (probably our fault). But there are so many different styles and they are all stunning. If you like art in general, or are keen on street art, this is a great self guided tour of the city to schedule during your stay.
Trip Advisor Review by Lissel A.  Date of Experience: January 2019

Murals Colouring Maryborough Qld

Enjoy the Murals and history. Every mural has a story of the people who have lived in Maryborough. Great for locals and visitors to experience the town of Maryborough Queensland.
Trip Advisor Review by Tracey H.  Date of Experience: November 2019

Murals Galore

Loved walking around the beautiful Maryborough city centre visiting the diverse range of mural subjects and topics covered by very talented and creative artists. Well done to all those responsible...a valuable asset for the city. We shall be back..soon.
Trip Advisor Review by Tracey.  Date of Experience: October 2019

Mural Trail

Amazing collection and diverse range of images.well worth having a look at when in town.
Trip Advisor Review by Robert W.  Date of Experience: September 2019

Find the Art

If you are in town, you will find some art. Every time we go to Maryborough we discover more art on the buildings and up laneways. Just when we think we must have seen it all, we discover more.
Trip Advisor Review by Karris21.  Date of Experience: September 2019

Promoting Art in Society

Having noticed your project is interested in promoting Art in Society and as the promotions Officer for Maryborough Arts Society Inc which also has a strong interest in Art Promotions I felt it would be in our mutual best interests to contact you and offer our assistance in any way that we could be of help with this wonderful project. Yours in admiration, Peter Stiphout.

The Maryborough Mural Trail is rated #19 of 48 things to do in Maryborough by Trip Advisor