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Make a Cash Donation

We are an official charitable organisation with a dedicated trust account for cash donations.  While we endeavour to seek in-kind support from local businesses and the community to prepare and install our murals; sometimes we need to pay for specialised resources that can’t be provided through our generous in-kind supporters.   All donations to the Maryborough Mural Project Charity Trust Public Fund account will be used for the creation and installation of murals in keeping with our vision and will only be used to purchase items or services that cannot be provided through in-kind donations by our local community.

You can deposit funds to assist the Project Charity in our Trust Account: BSB 124080 Account number: 22621596.  Please contact us if you wish to make a cash donation.

Sponsor a Mural
Would you like to sponsor a mural?  We have had local families sponsor a mural relating to their family history and contribution to Maryborough.  We have murals of all sizes planned and are happy to work with you to paint a mural to suit your budget.    Contact us to find out more.
Are you an Artist?
Are you an artist skilled in painting murals or large pieces of artwork?  Would you like to develop your skills in painting murals?  We are always looking for talented artists to help us deliver murals for Maryborough.  We can provide you the paint and other resources you need to paint a mural.  Contact us to learn more about our commissioning processes and arrangements.
Are you a Building Owner?
Is your building located in the CBD?  Do you have a wall suitable for a mural?  We are always looking for suitable walls for our Murals, both large and small.  Contact us if you have a suitable wall and would like to see a mural on it.
Are you a Business that can make an in-kind donation?
Would you like to offer a in-kind donation to help us deliver more murals?   We are always in need of resources to develop and install our murals and to support our artists.   Our aim is to source support from local businesses and the community wherever  possible.   Contact us if you are a business or an individual with skills or services that you would like to offer to help our Mural production.
Join our Team!
We welcome volunteers to join our team and help us achieve our vision.  Do you have a specific skill that may be useful?  Or maybe you would be happy to help out our existing team members.  We need people with a wide variety of skills including event and resource management, administration, planning, grant writing and media management.   Do you have a skill that will help us?  Contact us to find out how you can become part of our team.

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