Feather in Hat

The Story Behind This Mural

This mural celebrates the contribution and achievements that ordinary people can make to society. Alison Coleman, a long standing council employee, went about her job keeping the streets and footpaths of the central business district clean and tidy. In doing so she acted as an unofficial public relations officer sharing her local knowledge with tourists and became instantly recognisable for her unique feather adorned hat. Alison recounts how she had not long had her mesh hat when some people at the markets gave her a red-tail black cockatoo feather. She added more feathers -pheasant, parrot, emu, rooster, kookaburra and macaw; then a red poppy. The hat gained a life of its own and Alison wearing her unique hat was the subject of many photos taken by locals and tourists. Helping people was not Alison’s only passion. She is also a successful marathon runner being the only woman to have completed 33 Gold Coast marathons. Having competed both nationally and internationally her commitment to the sport was recognised when she became a baton bearer in the Queen’s Baton Relay ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. These and many of Alison’s other life achievements are represented by the symbology in the pattern of her shirt. Alison retired from the Council in December 2018 after 30 years and she, in her hat, is missed for the important work she did for the city. Alison can sometimes be seen driving around town in her much loved 2016 black Mustang “Sally”.

Mural Location


About the Artist


The Artist, Julia Davis, is now a Woodgate based artist after relocating from South Australia in 2019, where she participated in and held many exhibitions along with painting several murals.

Since moving to Qld, she has won the Bundaberg Art Prize in 2021 as well as people’s choice awards in both Gladstone and 1770.

Contributors to this Mural

The Maryborough Mural Project relies entirely on the generosity of volunteers and sponsors from our local community.   The artist’s commission was generously provided through Mayor Chris Loft’s Discretionary Funds.  The Committee would like to thank Ms Katrina Dollin, Mrs Tracey Christoffel, Mr Mal Finlayson, Ms Tracey Gray, Mrs Dawn Vanderwolf, Ms Yvonne Loveday and Mr Rai Whitten for their time and expertise in coordinating this mural.   The Committee also thanks  the following businesses for their kind and generous sponsorship of this mural: