Mary Poppins

The Story Behind This Mural

See if you can spot the Mary Poppin’s characters in this mural? 

The tree with 17 cherries represents the street address 17 Cherry Tree Lane.  The red cow who couldn’t stop dancing?  Bert creating his pavement paintings which then transforms into a ribbon shape as Bert and Mary step into the painting and have a tea party.   In the background, is a carousel.   Next to the tea party you’ll find the compass that Mary and the children found, along with the four animals they met on their quick trip around the world.  The seven stars represent the Pleiades with the animals dancing at the zoo in the grand chain for Mary’s Birthday.  This mural also shows Mary and the children heading out on an adventure, with Mary looking uncharacteristically happy, and Jane and Michael watching Mary float away on the westerly wind.

Mural Location


About the Artist

Artist Steve Falco has over 20 years experience in producing murals, canvases, digital art and illustrations that merge traditional art with graffiti, street art, design and sign writing techniques.  His art is sought after by small businesses, corporate clients and private art collectors.

Contributors to this Mural

The Maryborough Mural Project relies entirely on the generosity of volunteers and sponsors from our local community.   The artist’s commission was generously provided through Councillor James Hansen’s discretionary funds.   The Committee would like to thank Ms Katrina Dollin, Mrs Tracey Christoffel, Mr Mal Finlayson, Ms Tracey Gray, Mrs Dawn Vanderwolf, Ms Yvonne Loveday and Mr Rai Whitten for their time and expertise in coordinating this mural.  The Committee also thanks Daniella Orelova and the following businesses for their kind and generous sponsorship of this mural: