The Aviator Mural

The Story Behind This Mural

Aviator Samuel William Hecker was a foundation member and president of the Maryborough Aero Club.  His historic 1928 Gipsy Moth was the first aircraft to fly under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and was flown to Maryborough in 1931. Sam was an associate of Charles Kingsford Smith who gave public joy flights in his famous Southern Cross from the Hecker property in New South Wales.  Sam was a flying officer and aeronautics instructor in the RAAF.  A lifelong interest was the maintenance of various privately owned aircraft and the restoration of veteran cars. He excelled in competitive events of motor cycles, motor vehicles and aeroplanes and was awarded numerous significant trophies. Sam was the Queensland winner of the ‘Round Australia Redex Final’ in 1953 and a provisional winner in 1955.  A dedicated businessman, he managed a family owned General Motors Holden Dealership for fifty years, and held official positions in may local organisations with active community involvement.



Watch a time-lapse video of the Painting of The Aviator

The artist, Akos Juhasz, documents his artwork production using time lapse photography.  This allows the entire process of mural production to be viewed in just over 6 minutes.  Watch this stunning time lapse video of Akos painting the Aviator Mural and note the incredible talent required to produce such a large and magnificent mural such as this while painting with a brush on a 3m pole.  Incredible!

The Aviator. Mural by Akos Juhasz artist

FLYING HIGH: New mural immortalises local aviator.IT'S the next art feature that will take Maryborough (Queensland, Australia) sky high, and bring the Mural Project one step closer to reaching 20 artworks across town.Work on the Maryborough Mural Project's next feature, the Aviator Mural, is underway on Adelaide St, with the group hiring renowned artist Akos Juhasz to capture the life of local aviator Samuel William Hecker.Mural project co-founder Elizabeth Lowrie said the new artwork commemorated the achievements of the former Maryborough man, who was one of the founding members of the heritage city's Aero Club."The mural depicts the lifelong interest he held in flying... he was a very active person in Maryborough," Ms Lowrie said."This mural is particularly special because it's painted in Sepia, so it's presented as an old-world film like in the 1940s."It's quite different from the other artworks."Mr Hecker's 1928 Gipsy Moth made history as the first aircraft to fly under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.He also ran the family-owned General Motors Holden Dealership for 50 years in town.Ms Lowrie said the new art feature brings the project's total count up to about 12 - just eight short of the targeted 20 murals for the heritage city.https://www.akosartist.com

Posted by Akos Artist on Sunday, August 6, 2017

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About the Artist

Akos Juhasz is a professional artist specialised in painting, sculpting, illustration and ceramic design.  He has more than 20 years experience in painting and is expert at portraits and mural painting. Akos also tutors in life drawing, artistic anatomy, sculpting courses and more. He also hosts creative art workshops for children of any age.

Akos is a University senior lecturer in subjects including: History of Art, History of Oriental Art, History of Architecture and Philosophy of Art.  He studied at:

  • The Hungarian University of Art & Design, MOME Budapest
  • ESDI Universitat Ramon Llull Escola Superior de Disseny, Spain Barcelona; and
  • Eotvos Lorant University, Facultas Philosophiae, History,

He holds a PhD. in Historiography

You can see more of Akos’s work at and


Contributors to this Mural

The Maryborough Mural Project relies entirely on the generosity of volunteers and sponsors from our local community.  Brian Tisdall designed this mural and has painted all his life and worked as a commercial artist in the 1970s.  He has worked with airbrush, murals, illustrations and fine art and has owned his own business “Brianart” for over 30 years.  The artist Akos Juhasz painted the mural from Brian’s design and the commission was generously sponsored by Diane Hecker and the Hecker family.. The Committee would like to thank Mr Ashley Bower, Mrs Jan Carlson, Mrs Tracey Christofell, Mr Mal Finlayson, Ms Tracey Gray, Ms Bronwyn Mendoza, Mrs Dawn Vanderwolf, Ms Belinda Venebles, Mr Rai Whitten and Mr Mark Williams for their time and expertise in coordinating this mural.  We would also like to thank Earles Paints for the generously providing the paint for the mural and the following businesses for their kind and generous sponsorship of this mural: